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28 Jan 2020
Zakat is the mandatory giving of a fixed portion of one's riches to charity. It is considered as a sort of love and self-refinement. Zakat is one of five mainstays of Islam. Zakat isn't the magnanimous endowments given out of thoughtfulness or liberality, however it is the compulsory giving of 2.5% of one's riches every year to profit poor people and the destitute. 

Zakat enables an individual to recognize that everything originates from the Almighty and that we don't generally possess anything ourselves. Zakat is an approach to advise us that we can't take anything with us when we bite the dust so we ought not stick to our riches. Zakat additionally assists with liberating oneself from the adoration for assets and covetousness. 

The money deposited in the bank is of two kinds: 

Cash stored in Islamic banks: The Zakat must be paid on the capital cash and on the benefit. In any case, it is allowable to set a specific time for the installment of Zakat for every autonomous cash. 

In the event that the measure of cash diminishes and dips under the nisaab during the year, there is no compelling reason to pay Zakat and you begin computing the year once more. This time when the measure of cash comes to the nisaab again you need to pay Zakat. 

Transparent Hands organized a free Medical camp at SOS Children’s Villages Lahore on 22nd November 2019. In this medical camp, free general health checkup facility was provided to 205 patients including children, their mothers and staff of SOS Children’s Villages. In addition to free check-up, the patients were given free medicines as prescribed by doctors.


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